Established in 1856, Louisville Male High School is the oldest public high school west of the Allegheny Mountains. A growing 19th century river city needed a place to prepare its’ men for leadership. In 1861 Male was designated “The University of Public schools of Louisville” and granted bachelor’s degrees until 1912. In the 1950’s girls entered the halls of Male for the first time.

During the late seventies, Louisville Male High School was designated as a Traditional School. Male High School is based on the philosophy that a structured learning environment is essential for maximum student achievement. High academic standards, a vital part of Louisville Male, are attained through the combined efforts of students, faculty, administration, and parents. We strive to incorporate the best of the old with the best of the new so that we can accomplish our mission:

“To provide a comprehensive and challenging pre-college curriculum that fosters academic integrity and excellence.”

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