Download the Band App to stay updated regarding LMHS Band Info
  1. Go to Apple Store or Google Play and Download
  2. Install and open app
  3. Search for “Male High School Band”
  4. Ask for permission to join – use first and last name so we know who is joinging
  5. Administration will grant permission
  6. Once you are approved, turn the notifications to “ON”. This is the only way you will know if there are new messages.

Band Camp Activities

July 22 6-9pm Come hang out and relax after a hard day’s work!

Executive Strike and Spare located at 911 Phillips Lane (Next to the Fairgrounds) $8.00 per person – includes 2 games and shoes. Pay at the counter upon arrival.

July 29 6-9pm

Putt Putt located at 5720 Bardstown Road @ Fairground Road in Fern Creek.

$5.00 for 2 games. Pay at the counter WITH CASH.

If you are dropping your student off, please make sure they are picked up by 9 pm.

July 31 – Team Building – Family Mud Run (time will likely be 1:00 pm but will depend on the # of participants)

**The Y will cover the full costs for the band students/staff to participate. For band parents that would like to participate, please register using the link – found on the band app. Parents will be responsible for their costs.